Meal Planning: Cooking in Bulk

I want to share with you all a tip I learned that has made my life so much easier when it comes to trying to eat clean 90% of the time.  That tip is, meal planning, which involves cooking food in bulk.

Meal planning and bulk cooking, is something I do every Saturday/Sunday to help me eat clean throughout the week/weekend.  I learned about meal prepping through various sources like,,, and  Ever since I incorporated this into my weekly schedule, I have no excuse not to stick to my goal of eating clean 90% of the time, with an occasional treat on the weekends.

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail” -Winston Churchill

Every Saturday before I go grocery shopping, I write out exactly what I will need for the week.  I am one of those people that can eat the same thing day in and day out without getting tired.  So, my grocery list consists mainly of chicken, 96% lean ground beef, eggs, brown rice, and broccoli.  When I grocery shop for these items, I get them in large quantities because I need enough for 5-6 meals each day.  If any of you are curious, I normally get the value size from either Walmart or Bj’s.

Once I have all the items I will need for the week’s meals,  I start cooking.

I will boil about 4lbs of chicken in water with seasonings (any flavor of Mrs. Dash).  I cook my lean ground beef in a skillet, and use my rice cooker to cook my oh, so tasty brown rice (I LOVE CARBS!!!). I recently started boiling my broccoli in the chicken stock left over from boiling my chicken, it gives it a nice flavor.

When all the food is done cooking, I measure and weigh the chicken/ground beef (4oz), broccoli (1-2 cups) and brown rice (1/2) cup  into tupperware containers.  The entire process takes about 2hrs from start to finish, not including the time it takes me to grocery shop. However, it saves me so much time throughout the week because the only meal I have to prepare each day is breakfast.

If you always want a clean meal available to help you reach your health goals, start meal prepping and cooking in bulk.  I promise you, you will notice how much easier it makes living a healthy lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Cooking in Bulk

  1. I will try this especially since school has started up again.. I am getting so busy.. Cooking every day can be annoying..

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