Fitness Blog Series: Learn the basics of developing a diet and exercise plan

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I have been to a few different nutritionist/certified trainers.  In fact, I am finishing up my last couple of weeks with my current trainer.  Prior to working with nutritionist and trainers, I didn’t know much about how to eat right ant exercise.  Since then, I have learned so much about developing a diet and training plan and have become very interested/involved in health and fitness. I have been doing my own research on nutrition plans and training/exercise routines. I’ve started experimenting with my own diet and work out plan to reach my personal fitness goal of entering a fitness bikini competition.

 Since trainers and nutritionist can be quite expensive, ranging anywhere from $150-$1,000+ and knowing that not everyone can afford to work with one, I decided to put together a blog series.  This series will serve as a resource for anyone who would like to learn how to calculate their daily caloric and macro nutrient intake to lose or gain weight depending on their personal fitness goals. This series will also teach the basics of developing a training routine. I will be using all the topics discussed in this series to develop my own diet and training program for my future competition (I am trying to save money here, plus eventually I will need to learn this. I can’t pay for a trainer my entire life).
The first blog post in this series will discuss calculating daily caloric intake and will be posted this Sunday. Stay tuned.
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