Fitness Series: Developing a Training Schedule

Now that you have all the tools needed to support your nutrition. It is time to discuss exercise.   In this post I will be covering the first part in creating your personal training plan to compliment your new found nutrition plan.

FYI: When I refer to training in this post, I mean training with weights. I am not referring to cardio. I will do a separate blog post on cardio.

Before I delve into this, I am going to be honest and tell you that what you eat is going to get you 80-90% of your results.  You can tell yourself anything you would like to make yourself feel better,  but you can never out train a bad diet.  If you take anything away from this series let it be that, focus on your nutrition,  the exercises will only enhance the changes you gain by eating clean.

Now, before you can decide on a training plan you need to take an honest look at your schedule and come up with a realistic amount of time and days you can dedicate to working out.  If you are a complete beginner I would suggest at a minimum, that you try to dedicate 3 days to training. If you are more advance, no more than 6 days of training because the body needs  time to rest as well.

Once you have worked out how much time you have available to working out, you can begin to look at the following ways to train.

1. Full Body Workouts– Exercise routine that will hit all of the muscle groups on the same day
2. Training splits– pairing muscle group or breaking muscle groups into individual training days

In the paragraphs to follow I am going to give an example of what each looks like.

No matter which way you chose to train, you will want to pick 1-3 exercises for each muscle group  (Legs-Shoulders-Arms (bicep/triceps)-Back-Abs).  I recommend using a website like as a resource for picking exercises for the muscle groups. is a great website for all levels of training ( I use it on a daily basis to switch up my routines and learn new recipes and methods of training).

If you decided you will train with full body routines,your session at the gym might look something like this:

1. Barbell Squats- Legs
2. Dumbbell Shoulder press-Shoulders
3. Dumbbell Bicep Curls- Biceps
4. Tricep Dumbbell Kick Backs-Triceps
5. Push ups-Chest
6. Assisted pull ups-Back
7. Bicycle crunches-abs

Full Body Training is best for: 


-Individuals who are short on time

If you decide to train with Muscle group splits there are so many ways you can break this up.  You can pair push/pull muscle groups, you can do 6 day split (one muscle group per day), a 2 day split (one day for lower body, the other for upper body).  I will provide an example of what a  push/pull routine might look like as well as a 6 day split:

6 day split example:             

Thursday: Triceps
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Back
Sunday: Rest Day


Monday- Legs
Thursday- Legs

Push/Pull muscle group example:

Monday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Wednesday: Back/Biceps
Friday: Legs

Training Splits are best for:

-Individuals looking to build muscle mass
-Intermediate-Advance trainers
-Individuals short on time (Precisely the Push/Pull method)

Let me know in the comments below which method of training you will be using.   The next part of this series will cover repetitions, sets  and circuits to maximize your training routine.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist. Please check with your doctor prior to starting any diet or exercise plan.  The information provided above is what I have learned via personal research.


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