Fitness Series: Sample Grocery List

What good is it to know how many calories you should eat and the correct macronutrient ratio if you don’t know what types of food you should consume to meet these needs?  Don’t fret, below I have provided you with a sample grocery list to help you reach your fitness goals. The grocery list is broken up into Proteins, Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats. For some extra fiber and non-starchy carbohydrates, I am also including a veggie section.  And since I know most of you will think, what about flavor? I also included a spices/condiment section.

Please keep in mind that this is just an example of the types of food you can consume.  You don’t have to get everything listed here or anything listed here. Pick and choose from what you like and can afford.  If it fits into your macronutrients, daily calorie amount and its clean, (i.e non-processed) get it.


-Lean ground beef (93/7, 95/5, 96/4)

-Turkey breast

-Ground turkey breast

-Ground chicken breast

-Chicken breast


-Whey Protein Powder/Egg Protein Powder

-Tilapia or any white fish


-Tuna (whole or canned)

-Greek yogurt

-Cottage Cheese


-Brown Rice

-Kidney beans


-Sweet Potatoes

-Shredded wheat cereal


-Whole wheat bread

-Whole wheat pasta




Healthy Fats:

-Olive Oil

-All Natural Peanut Butter


-Macadamia nuts

-Almond Butter

-Plain Cashews





-Romaine Lettuce


-Brussel sprouts

-Green peppers/Red peppers



-All Mrs. Dash

-Cayenne Pepper






-Reduced Sugar Ketchup



Foods to Avoid:

-all soda-

-all alcohol

-all juices


-white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar

-maple syrup, agave syrup

-turkey/ham/pastrami deli meat (‘sandwich meat’)

-non fat frozen yogurt


Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist. Please check with your doctor prior to starting any diet or exercise plan.  The information provided above is what I have learned via personal research.


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