Simple Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

We all know that water is important for our body’s physiological needs.  But water does not only help our bodies maintain cellular processes, it can also aid in weight loss by helping to decrease the amount of sugary beverages we drink.  Water is also a primary component of metabolizing excess fat.

So how can you make sure you are drinking adequate amounts of water? I have come up with a few simple ways that have helped me drink 64oz to 128oz of water each day.

1. Schedule your water intake. If you goal is to drink a total of 64 oz of water/day and you eat about 5 meals each day, divide the 64oz by 5. Every time you sit down to have a meal, drink 12.8oz of water.

2. Buy a nice big water bottle, fill it up each morning and keep it with you. If you are at work 8hrs of the day, put it on your desk right next to your computer screen. The fact that the water is with you and with in your line of vision will make you more likely to reach for it and drink it.

I personally carry either a 64oz purple jug with me, which I try to fill up twice in a day or a full gallon of water.

3. For individuals who prefer to drink soda and juices, for one week try replacing 1 of your soda/juices with 16oz of water. The following week, replace 2 of your sodas/juices with 16oz of water.  Each week or month continue to increase the amount of beverages you replace with water until you are able to drink 8-12 glasses/day.

If you want add a packet of crystal light so that your water has some flavor.

I personally love orange juice, but I am proud to say that once I decided to embark on a healthier lifestyle, I have cut it out almost completely.  Water is my main source of hydration. I use natural fruit juices/diet sodas as a cheat or treat.

I would like to hear from you all. What tricks/tips do you have for drinking more water?  Leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist. Please check with your doctor prior to starting any diet or exercise plan.  The information provided is I have learned via personal research.


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