Before and Current Me

Most people that start healthy lifestyle and fitness blogs are already in the best shape of their lives.

I on the other hand am not. I am truly passionate about clean eating and exercise, but until recently had not educated myself enough on proper nutrition and exercise.

I had a very unhealthy relationship with food, as most girls do.  I would go on long stretches of clean eating and then long stretches of crap eating. I never thought to think, hey there are ways you can make healthier version of these foods and not feel deprived.

I’ve spent a lot of money on nutritionist and personal trainers but never achieved the results I wanted.

Why? It wasn’t because their plans weren’t good or were too restrictive. The real reason was because I had not changed my mentality.

Each time I hired a nutritionist, it was with the intent of losing X amount of pounds. I considered it a diet, there was an END in sight.

I thought, I only need to do this for 3 months. After that I can be more lenient with what I eat, I can have that slice of pizza or chocolate cake more often. As a result I always gained back what I lost.

What’s wrong with this type of thinking?

Its impossible to sustain any type of permanent results. You will never be content with how you look or feel and you will always be trying to lose X amount of pounds.

I want to be fit and healthy 365 days a year.

I think its important that you all know that yes, I am providing fitness tips on this blog, but by no means am I an expert.

This blog is an account of my personal research on diet and fitness. Its a way to document and share the results of my food experimentation, my workout plans and my fitness and health goals.

What I hope this blog does, is inspire other people to do the same, EDUCATE YOURSELF. Learn how our bodies process what we eat, the reason why our bodies need protein and carbohydrates and the real purpose of exercise.

With all this being said, I thinks its important that I share BEFORE and CURRENT pictures with you. I want to show you that I don’t already have a fitness model’s physique and like most of you reading this blog, I am on my way to being in the best shape of my life.

The 4 pictures above are of me in April 2012 at my heaviest 145 lbs and 29% Body fat. The 3 pictures below are of me in November 2012, 136 lbs and 24% body fat.


I am learning, in order to do this the right way, it takes patience. During the time period from April to now, I have worked with 2 different nutritionists, one of which I am still working with now.

I am learning you cannot drop 20lbs overnight and that is OK.

I am enjoying every clean meal, every cardio session and every single workout. I am proud of where I am today.  I may not be where I want to be, but each day I get a little closer. I am taking it one day at a time. I am doing my research, planning my meals, and hitting the gym and being CONSISTENT (This is so important) .

I encourage you to do the same.

What have you learned about yourself in your fitness journey?


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