Why, “I have my period.” Is not an Excuse to Skip Your Workout.

Nope. Sorry. Not buying it. This is what goes through my head whenever one of my friends state they are skipping their workout because they have their period.  Menstruating is not, I repeat, IS NOT a debilitating disease.

Having your period does not prevent you from being able to perform any sort of physical activity. I am 100% certain it has never prevented you from walking to your local Walgreens for a bucket of ice cream. Think about it.

Sure, you lack energy, motivation, you’re a little b***chy, but how is that different from every other time of the month? (I kid, I know you all are nice, polite ladies, who almost never miss workouts). Seriously though, I lack motivation to work out at least 2x a week, but that doesn’t stop me from hitting the gym.  I have goals I want to meet, commitments I’ve made to myself. How lame would it be if I let myself down? Pretty lame. So no, Aunt Flow you will not affect my workout.

In all honesty, if you are lacking a bit of energy, don’t completely skip your workout, just modify it to your energy levels. Don’t attend your spin class if you have cramps but try yoga instead.  Plus working out during your period has great benefits.

When you work out, your body naturally releases hormones called endorphins that instantly alter your mood from “mad” to “glad”.  Endorphins also help alleviate pain. Pfffttt, who needs Midol when you can kick some cramp a** with a hard core elliptical session? That’s right, NO-BODY!

I will leave you all with a challenge, the next time you want to skip out on working out because, “I have my period” think about how good you feel after you workout.  Will staying at home, watching grays anatomy and eating a bowl of ice cream  help you meet your fitness goal?

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