Tabata, Chest and PowerCakes

I normally workout my chest on Mondays, but I was so tired yesterday morning I couldn’t get up for my 5AM workout.

It’s a proven fact,  if I don’t work out in the morning, its not getting done.   So instead,  I worked out my chest this morning. Today’s workout consisted of a Giant set.  Giant sets are when you combine 3 exercises and perform them consecutively without rest in between.  This is what my chest giant set looked like:

-Dumbbell Chest Press (15 Reps)

-Dumbbell flies (12 reps)

-Pushups (12 reps)

I completed 1 set of the exercises above and rested for 60 sec before repeating it 2 more times.

I also tried out Fitnessista’s Tabata workout.  Tabata is a style of high intensity interval training where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10, for a total of 4 minutes. While the calorie burning affect during in the workout is not as high as steady state cardio, you will actually burn more calories throughout the day with this method. I encourage you to read up on the Tabata style of training.

I am used to high intensity interval training, but if I am honest my chest was on fire after completing one set.  I think it was the moves that Fitnessista combined together. Man, after the 4 minutes were up I felt like I had sprinted at full speed for 4 minutes straight. I SECRETLY LOVED EVERY MINUTE.  I will definitely be including this style of cardio more often.

After my workout I tried my first PowerCake. If you haven’t checked out Kasey’s blog, PowerCakes, you should.  She is so inspiring and encouraging.

Anyway, I made my first powercake which is Kasey’s clever way of saying protein pancake.

Although I’ve had protein pancakes in the past, they always contained protein power.  Kasey’s recipes consist of just egg and a flour of some sort.  I used coconut flour in mine. I sweetened it with stevia and I added some cinnamon for additional flavor.

It was really good and filling. I almost wasn’t able to finish it all.  I am excited to make different variations like, red velvet or pistachio power cakes.

I managed to snap a picture of lunch today which was, mashed sweet potatoes and garlic onion seasoned chicken.

I accidentally ate my dinner before I was able to snap a pic of it ( I am always starving by the time I get home from work). Dinner was mashed cauliflower with teriyaki chicken-video to come soon on my youtube.

I plan to finish off the night with some lemon tea and the final episode of Breaking Bad from season 4.  If you have not watched that show and you have Nextflix, you need to add that to your to watch list ASAP.  Best show I have watched to date.


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