Living Room Cardio Circuit

I don’t know about you all but I am not the biggest fan of cardio. Especially steady state, long duration cardio. Don’t get me wrong, I know the benefits of cardio in regards to heart health and burning fat. I just prefer to get it in other ways, ways that do not involve 1 hour elliptical sessions.

I normally get my cardio via HIIT, Tabata style workouts or at max 30 min on a cardio machine.

Here is a cardio circuit I put together and did in my living room. This would be perfect for college students or anyone who doesn’t have access to cardio equipment or just wants to switch things up.

****You are going to perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between each movement.****

You can use a kitchen timer, smart phone, stop watch or a good old fashion clock with a second hand. I have a Gymboss timer and I set it for 10 and 30 sec intervals and 40 rounds.

These are the exercises:
-Jumping Jacks
-Mountain Climbers
-Jump squats, turning right and left with each jump
-High Knees
-Leg and arm switches

The whole circuit is only 12 minutes long, but I swear it will feel like 30 and after 5 minutes you will want to quit. DON’T! Push through it, you will feel so accomplished afterwards. Think about it, after 12 minutes your done with your cardio for the day. As NIKE would say, JUST DO IT!

If you end up trying this circuit, leave me a comment. Did you find it fun? Do you prefer traditional cardio? It sure makes cardio more interesting in my personal opinion.


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