Work Out Playlist: Cardio and Weight Training Specific


I am a firm believer that music can make us feel certain emotions. Personally, it plays a big role in my motivation during a workout.

I like to listen to certain types of music depending on what my plan is at the gym for that day.

For example, I like weight training to Rap/Hip Hop/Rock (Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, One Republic). There is something about the truth and emotions behind the lyrics and the slow but intense tempo that make me want to lift harder.

During my cardio sessions, whether its interval style or steady state, my music of choice is commercial Pop/R&B (Justin Beiber, Usher, David Guetta, Chris Brown).

If you are curious what my iPod is playing during weight training and cardio sessions these days, take a look below. I included a list of songs to add to your playlist depending on what you are training at the gym. A lot of these songs are played during spin classes at my gym and I love it.

Cardio Playlist:
1. Justin Beiber-Boyfriend
2. Justin Beiber-She Don’t Like the Lights
3. Justin Beiber-Beauty and A Beat
4. Usher-Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
5. Jason Derulo- Don’t Wanna Go Home
6. Jason Derulo- Breathing
7. Jason Derulo – X
8. Chris Brown- Don’t Wake Me Up
9. David Guetta-Without You- ft. Usher
10. Chris Brown-Turn Up The Music

Weight Training Playlist:
1. B.O.B- Ghost In The Machine
2. Eminem- Love The Way You Lie- ft Rihanna
3. B.O.B-Airplanes- ft. Eminem and Hayley
4. Drake- Over My Dead Body
5. Eminem-8 Mile
6. Eminem- Going Through Changes
7. Kanye- Through The Wire
8. Jay-Z- Light up- ft. Drake
9. Trey Songs- Successful- ft. Drake
10. One Republic- Apologize

I am always looking to add more songs to my playlists. I encourage you all to leave a comment with your favorite song to workout to at the moment.


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