My Fitness Resolutions for 2013

Last week I talked about how to set your fitness goals so that you successfully achieve them.  Today is Dec 31st,  the day before the year 2013 begins and  I am sharing with you all, 3 of my fitness goals.

In the coming months I will be writing about what I learn as I work towards meeting these goals in the New Year.

 #1 Reach and maintain 15-18% Body Fat
Plan of action: 
* Clean eating 7 days a week with 1 cheat MEAL every week
* 30 minutes of Cardio 3x/wk
* Weight Training 4x/wk
* Prepare and package meals every Sunday
*Lose 1-2lbs of body fat per week
*Monitor body fat percentage with calipers

#2 Compete in my 1st fitness competition (bikini division)

Plan of action:

*Find regional fitness competitions

*Decide on a date for my competition (Spring/Summer)

*Research what is needed to compete

*Reach 15%-18% body fat using the plan from goal 1

*Practice posing

#3 Learn to love cardio

Plan of action:

*Start researching different ways I can get my cardio in (classes)

*Start with three 30 minute cardio sessions a week

*Research the benefits of cardio (fat loss/ heart health)

*Try different cardio machines, not just the elliptical

If you haven’t already shared your fitness/weight loss goals for the 2013 fiscal year, feel free to share them in the comment section.  I would love to read about what you are working towards and possibly help you reach your goals.


6 thoughts on “My Fitness Resolutions for 2013

  1. abiainscough says:

    I was just wondering, how do you measure your body fat percentage? It’s something I’m really interested in but don’t know how to get it measured! Your goals are really specific, which is great! I’m going to focus on clean eating, I really need to reign my eating habits in this year! 2013 is going to be a great year 🙂 wonderful post! x

  2. Bebe says:

    Here are my goals. Every two weeks, I plan to change up my workouts and build up. I am starting with more cardio, then will add in wieght training more as I build up the habit of working out. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks for your informative site!

    Losing 25 lbs this year. 10 lbs by end of each quarter. (March, June, Sept, Dec). Measuring success by weighing self on Sunday mornings starting Jan. 6th.
    *Drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day
    *Making meals for the week on Sundays
    * Three treats a week. Don’t go overboard! This can be a breakfast, a dinner,
    and a dessert.
    * Starting off slow working out and build up. See workout notes.
    * Eliminate extra calories for work junk food. They add up
    * Lose one pound a week
    **Goal for month of January–Get into habit of going to gym in morning 4-5x week.**
    **First two weeks treadmill for 30-45 mins. Until Janurary 13, 2013 then re-evaluate progress and switch up workouts

    • Hi Bebe! Wow, I love how detailed your goals are. It will help you stick to them. I think your idea of building up to working our consistently is great. Start researching full body workouts for beginners when you begin to include weight training. Good Luck!

  3. I just love your blog and vlogs!! I have a question. The Tone It Up plan- do you find that the recipes are good for a working mom and are they good for prepping ahead. I seen your vlog on your prepping and I’m debating of purchasing the plan at a time when money is tight….I’m wondering if I could get results by following their channel and also participating in the free Valentine Challenge they have going right now. What do you think? Being the prepper that you are- are you using a lot of their recipes to do your Sunday prepping?
    Thanks again for blogging and vlogging!

    • Danielle, thank you for letting me know you love my blog and youtube channel. I love the Tone It Up diet plan but its not necessary to change your eating habits. If you are someone who prefers to have a step by step guide and can afford it, go for it. However if you can’t, focus on just eating clean (research what that means-whole foods, lean meats, non processed food). I am repetitive with my meals so I do not use it for meal prepping, I make what is easiest (chicken, fish, rice, sweet potato). If I have time I will def use the Tone It Up recipes for dinner. My advice is to follow the new challenge, read the Tone It Up blog, watch my videos and research Clean Eating. If you can spare $20 get the Tosca Reno Eat Clean Diet book, I believe Tone It Up is based on the same ideas.

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