One Week of Meals for $50.00

Happy New Year Everyone! Its my first blog post of 2013 and I thought I would step away from the typical recipe style `What I Eat Wednesdays’ and bring you all a grocery/meal prepping/money saving type of blog post.

As most of you know I am a college student, and since I am a college student, I don’t have loads of money to spend on food. For this reason I have to be savvey regarding what I buy. I also have to get creative with left overs and meal ideas.

The fact of the matter is, I am pretty repetitive with my meals. I am not one to get bored of chicken, rice and broccoli. Its easy and it works.  I see food more as fuel for my body than a pass time. If I have time and extra money I will buy different items to make a special dinner or meal. I get my variety from my weekly to bi-weekly treat dinners out or in.

I provided the list of staple items I get each week below. These items might change depending on if there is a sale on fruit or yogurt.  I spend $50.00/wk and am able to have 5 meals a day 7 days a week.

Please keep in mind that I may include items in the meals that are not on my list but would typically be found in a fridge or cabinet. Some food items you can buy and they will last you a few weeks if frozen or refrigerated (bread).

I will also provide approximate price ranges and meal ideas. I am not promising that my meal ideas will be gourmet style but they work for me and could possibly work for you too.

Oh, one more thing, I provided an older video of what my grocery shopping looks like. I normally shop at Walmart and Trader Joe’s. Whole Foods can get a little expensive for me.

Grocery List with approximate price ranges


-1 package of Rolled Oats $5-6

-1 bag of Brown Rice $3.99

-3 Sweet Potatoes $3.00


-1 whole sale package of boneless skinless chicken breast $10

-1 lbs of 96/4 ground beef $5.00

-3 dozen egg box $9.99


-1 Large bag of Frozen Broccoli or mixed veggies $6.00

-1 Mixed Salad $2.99-5.99-depending on brand/size


-Ms Dash Table Blend $3.50

Breakfast Ideas

-Scrambled eggs w/ oatmeal

-Veggie Omelete made with frozen veggies, seasoned w Ms. Dash and served with 2 slices of whole wheat toast topped with 1tbsp of all natural peanut butter.

-Protein pancake-made with oats, egg whites, almond milk and protein powder (you can also use cottage cheese in place of the protein powder)

Lunch Ideas

-Grilled Chicken Salad

-Chicken, broccoli served with brown rice and seasoned w Ms.Dash

-Homemade meat balls made with oatmeal, ground beef, onions/peppers, Ms. Dash, served over rice or mashed sweet potato

Dinner Ideas

-Homemade burger-made with ground beef, oatmeal, egg whites, Ms.Dash served over a bed of mixed salad

-Oven roasted chicken served with sweet potato fries and a side mixed salad

-Chicken Stirfry served over brown rice

I hope you all enjoyed this post and my meal ideas. Do any of you have a grocery budget? What are your staple items?


4 thoughts on “One Week of Meals for $50.00

  1. abiainscough says:

    Hi, I love post! I’m a student too (I study in the UK) and I have between £20 and £40 per week to spend on food, so it can be a struggle to get a wide variety of healthy foods and recipes when you’re working with so little money. I’m glad to see that you eat home-made burgers, I love them! I use turkey mince for mine and like them with whole-grain or brown buns and lots of salad and onion 🙂 There are some great recipe ideas on this post, thank you!

  2. bwlivingwell says:

    Such a helpful post for college girls and those of us entering the workforce. I’m finding it is much cheaper to eat healthy if you plan ahead. Thanks!!!

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