Weight Loss Interview with Ms. Vee Charles


Hi All!  started nursing school this week, and man they were not kidding in regards to how much reading you have to complete. I had assignments given to me even before I started going to actual classes. Its been tough trying to make it to the gym and eat my clean meals. I have had to make slight adjustments here and there to make sure I do not slip up. But, when your health is a lifestyle choice,  thats what it is all about, making it work for you and your life.

That being said, today I will be sharing with you a weight loss journey by Ms. Vee Charles.  Vee also shares fitness and nutrition tips on YouTube, and recently I noticed she has lost a lot of weight. I wanted to know exactly how she did it.  I thought you guys would also want to know. I asked Vee a few questions and she agreed to answer them for my blog.  I recommend checking out her YouTube channel, she does an amazing job sharing her weightloss progression and what she did to get there.  I hope you all enjoy this post.  Keep going and be strong. No one said these types of lifestyle changes would be easy at first, but I promise you the long term gains are worth it.


What is your name, age and history with weight gain and dieting?
My name is Vontrice but most people know me as “Vee”. Growing up I never had an issue with my weight but in the past I have always wanted to tone up. My main struggle was not with exercising because I had a trainer to teach me what to do. My struggle was that I did not take my eating habbits seriously. I was one of those people that said, “I’ve tried everything but nothing works!” Yea, looking back now I can honestly say that I was full of it…haha! I wasn’t making the commitment to healthy eating and understanding that it is a lifestyle change.
What made you decide to embark on this fitness journey?

Once I passed 30 I started to notice that I was gaining weight…it seriously snuck up on me. One day I was editing one of my videos (that never got posted by the way) and that’s when I saw how unhealthy I looked. So in January of this year (2012) I entered the annual Biggest Loser contest that we have at my job as a way to motivate myself to get fit.

How have you changed your diet?

My diet is unlike anything I’ve ever done in my life…I actually eat healthy now lol!

As with any fitness goal, I have a set number of calories I eat per day. I eat about 90% organic foods and I also take my suppliments (protein shakes, amino acids, omegas, multi-vitamins, and calcium). My diet consist of 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% healthy fats. I give myself one day out of the week as a “treat day” or “cheat day” as some call it just so I won’t become overwhelmed by cravings. You know, get it out of my system. Truth is NO ONE will maintain healthy eating 100% of the time. It’s okay to have a cookie or a burger if you want. It’s all about knowing how to incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle.

What is your current exercise routine?

I get my routines from BodyBuilding.com. I workout 5 days a week (6 when I’m really in the mood). I mainly do weight training with about 2 days of light cardio.

How do you manage eating healthy while on the go?

You have to plan ahead. If you don’t pack your lunch and organize your food for the week then you’re only setting yourself up for that Big Mac attack. Whenever I go shopping, for insance, instead of just unpacking and putting my groceries away, I like to organize my foods into serving sizes for the week. I normally do this with my cereals, protein shakes, and snack foods. When I cook my meals I always make extra so I can put some away in plastic containers so I’ll always have something to ready to eat.

If you could only suggest one diet or exercise change for someone who is just starting their weight loss journey, what would that be?

Diet is the most important thing. You can exercise your butt off but if you’re not eating clean then all the work is for nothing. So my suggestion would be to go online and do a search like, “meal plans for weight loss” or “meal plans for toning up”. There is so much information available online that you can definitely set yourself up for success.

Where can we find out more about your fitness journey? (Social Networks, Blogs etc)

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