Tone It Up: Beach Babe DVD I Review

I love the Tone It up diet plan along with all the free workouts that Karena and Katrina provide on YouTube.  So of course I had to buy their Beach Babe DVD when it came out.  I have had the DVD for over a year now and  since then they have actually come out with a second DVD ( I hope to buy that one soon).  Before I bought the first DVD I  searched on Youtube and on the internet for a review and I did not come across much. So, I thought I would write one for anyone else who might be searching.  I also filmed a YouTube video on it that you can watch below.

Overview: As the back of the DVD states, it features 7 exclusive toning workouts designed by Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up, using their Fine Toning Method.  The DVD is designed to cinch every inch of your body and leave you feeling gorgeous and toned.

Cost: The first Beach Babe DVD is on retail for $29.00, while the second is $39.00.  I am not sure why the prices are different and I do not recall how much I paid for it, at the time I bought it.

What the DVD includes: With the DVD you will receive 7 workouts.  Two of these workouts are targeted to tone your full body.  The rest are targeted for specific body parts or are HIIT and yoga inspired.  The breakdown is below.

Sufer Girl Workout: Full Body (3 circuits: 4-5 exercises in each circuit)

Bikini Scult Routine: Full Body (4 circuits: 4-5 exercises in each circuit)

 –HIIT the Beach: HIIT Cardio with some toning (30 seconds work-30 seconds rest: 3-4 Circuits)

Bikini Booty: Lower Body workout

Bikini Abs: Focus is on stregthening your core (abs and back)

Summer Arms: Focuses primarily on sculpting your shoulders

Long and Lean: Yoga inspired stretching routine

My Opinion: This DVD is perfect for anyone already on the Tone It Up Diet plan, but I would primarily suggest it for beginners to the world of weight training.  The workouts require a pair of dumbbells and your body, so they would be ideal for someone who does not have a lot of equipment.  Katrina and Karena provide a lot of basic weight training exercises that are simple but effective.

The weight recommendations I think are a little low for someone who is advanced but moderate for someone just starting out.  Karena and Katrina’s Fine Toning Method involves using static movements and small pulses of certain exercises to really burn out the muscle.  The intensity and difficult of the workouts really depends on the person. Because they recommend such a low weight for someone who has been weight training for a while you really need to have access to heavier weights in order to feel a burn.

My favorite workout out on the DVD is, HIIT the Beach. I soley do HIIT training for my cardio because I hate steady state cardio.  This workout is 20 min long and it allows me to get my cardio in even on rainy days. This particular workout can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.  You really have to push to try to get in as many reps as possible with in the 30 seconds allotted.

Overall, I would recommend this DVD for anyone who is beginning to workout or needs a quick at home routine to follow.  If you are someone who is more advanced I think you might find the DVD not challenging enough.

Do any of you own the Beach Babe DVDs? If so which ones? Let me know in the comments below!

More places to learn about Toneitup and by the Diet Plan and DVDs:

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