Trim Tuesdays: Tabata Style Cardio

I really enjoy blogging and creating videos for you all.  I think it is so silly how much money you have to dish out in order to lose weight and take care of your health.  One of the reasons why I wanted to start my health and fitness blog and YouTube channel is because I feel that this type of information should be available to everyone, not just the people who can afford it.

Tabata Cardio

Part of the way that I want to make sure that nutritional information as well as fitness information gets out to you is by creating two new series on my blog and YouTube channel.  One of those series will focus on healthy recipes and the series will be called “Foods Gone Fit”.  The second series will focus on workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home.  This series will be called “Trim Tuesdays”.  I will post 1 video and blog post a month for each of these series and they will always be up on Tuesdays.

Last week I kicked off the “Foods Gone Fit” series with a Protein Packed Pizza recipe.  This week I am kicking off the “Trim Tuesdays” series with a cardio workout.  It is inspired by the Tabata style of training which is high intensity interval training.

For your equipment you will need:

– A clock or any interval timer

-Your body

-A whole lot of energy : )

There are 4 different exercises: **watch the video to learn how to perform them**

-High Knees

-Low Jacks


-Hop Scotches


You will perform 1 of the exercises (ex. high knees) for 20 seconds and then give yourself 10 seconds of rest. You will continue performing this individual exercise in this manner until you complete 8 rounds or 4 minutes.  Once the 4 minutes are up take a 1 -2 minute rest and repeat with a new exercise (ex. low jacks).   Continue until you have completed 4 minutes of each of the 4 exercises listed above.

This cardio routine should take you anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on if you take rests in between the exercises. My first time through it kicked my butt.

Take a picture after you complete the workout and share it with me on Twitter (GirlBudgetLife) or Instagram (GirlBudgetLife).  I would love to feature you in an upcoming Trim Tuesday.


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