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Fitness On Campus: How to Eat Healthy in Social Settings

Hi Everyone!  I apologize for not getting this blog post up yesterday as promised, but alas, here is the final episode of the Fitness On Campus series.

If you ever wanted to start eating healthier but thought it would prevent you from living your life and socializing with friends, in this video I share 5 tips that will teach you how to continue to eat healthy while enjoying all of life’s little pleasures.


Fitness On Campus: Dorm Room Workout-Time Challenge

Welcome to episode 3 of the Fitness On Campus Series.  Today’s video is a short workout I put together that you can complete in your dorm room, bedroom, living room or any place you can fit your body’s length.  You do not need any equipment for this workout it is all body weight exercises.

This workout routine is a time challenge so the goal is to complete all the 3 rounds as quickly as possible.  If you wanted to make the workout more challenging, you can definitely use weights or add more reps to each exercise.  The beauty of this routine is that you can adjust it to your own fitness level.  You can also keep working towards trying to beat your best time.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Fitness On Campus: Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinners

Here it is, the second video from my Fitness On Campus Series.  This week’s video is all about Food.  In the video I share some healthy, quick and easy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas for high school and college students.

The great thing about the options I provide is that, the ingredients are simple and can easily be bought, if you live on your own, found in your schools dinning hall or if you live at home with your parents, they might already have these stocked in the pantry and fridge.

Most items only require a microwave to make!

What are some of your favorite meals to take to class?

Fitness On Campus: Making Time For Fitness

We’ve been told time and time again that exercise helps reduce stress, but how do you find time to workout when your days are filled with classes, studying, homework, extracurricular activities and possible a part time job?

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 1.30.41 PM

The answer is simple, you need to organize your day and MAKE the time. If you are a auditory/visual learner check out the first video of the Fitness On Campus Series, where I discuss how I use my Planner Pad to organize my day so that I have time to go to EVERY class, work a full time job, study and maintain my healthy lifestyle via 30-1hr workouts.

For those who are primarily visual learners here is the list of steps I take to make time for fitness:

-Buy a planner

-Write all set in stone activities into your planner (classes, work schedule, meetings, sport practice)

-Take a look at your “free time” after all your set in stone activities are in your planner and pick a pocket of time where you can fit in a 20-60 minute workout.

-Schedule in your workout as another set in stone activity.

Please keep in mind that simply writing in a time to workout in your planner is not enough, you actually need to follow through and hold yourself accountable to follow through with it.



Did you find my video helpful?  If you are in school, when do you think you plan on getting your workout in, morning, afternoon or night?