Get Fit-Stay Fit Challenge Week 1

The first week of the Get Fit-Stay Fit Challenge is in full swing as of Monday January 6th.  If you missed the first video of the challenge,  don’t fret I am providing it for you all below.  Make sure that your write down your three why’s and three goals after you finish watching the video.

Sometimes its hard being a Youtuber. I am my own content writer, videographer, editor, and tech support. This week I ran into some technical difficulties with the nutrition video that was supposed to go up yesterday.   So after I had a full on panic attack because I felt like I was letting you all down, I thought wait, I have a blog.  So a full blog work up was due.  When all else fails, go back to good old pen and paper, well in this case good old typing.

Today I am going to be sharing with you all 5 Nutrition Tips that are going to get you one step closer to your fitness goals.  I have a personal goal for all of you throughout this challenge and that is to teach you all healthy habits.  But, we all know habits don’t happen over night.  Its the reason that my Challenge is broken up into 4 different topics that are presented to you in an organized manner.  I want you all to have the information, but I also don’t want to overwhelm you all by giving it to you all at once.

Now if there is one habit that you want to master when it comes to health and fitness, that is the habit of using food as fuel and not pleasure.  Once you engraved that habit into your brain,  you will begin to see the foods you eat in a completely different way.  You will start to think of food as meeting a physiological need and not just filling an emotional need.

That is why when it comes to achieving your desired physique you need to focus 80% of your energy towards adjusting your nutrition and 20% of your energy towards working out.  Abs are made in the kitchen people and I am prime example of that.  This past semester I was working out 4-5 days per week but was not eating healthy.  I wasn’t prepping my meals and was having one too many “YOLO” meals.  The result, I gained 10lbs.  If exercise has that much of an impact on losing weight then why didnt I lose weight or at least maintain?  The reason is, you cannot out train a bad diet.  So focus on what you are putting in you mouth.

To make it easier for you to stick to this here are my 5 simple, uncomplicated yet effective nutrition tips to get you one step closer to the body of you dreams:

1. Hydrate with water.  Avoid diet soda, juices, energy drink that are filled with excess sugar and hard to pronounce man made ingredients.  Your body does not need it.  It was designed to function off water, when are thirsty reach for water and flavor it with lemon.

2. Eliminate all processed foods.  Again our bodies do not need and are not designed to run off of high fructose corn syrup or orange color#9.  It was designed to function off of foods that are naturally found in our environment like, oranges, apples, kale, animal proteins that are also feed what they were designed to eat.

3. Eat animal protein and healthy fats.  Our bodies need macronutrients in order to survive.  Macronutrients are proteins, complex carbs (fruits and veggies) and fats.   The building blocks of the cells that keep you alive are,  amino acids.  Amino acids are mainly found in animal protein.  With out amino acids your body cannot make cells.  Additionally when you body doesn’t use carbs as energy it turns to its second best source, fat.  Fats are also important in our bodies ability to take up and store micronutrients (vitamins).

4. Eat 1-3 pieces of fruit daily.  This goes back to the concept of feeding your body the things that it was naturally made to be fed.  Fruits should be your source of carbohydrate not processed bread and pastas which have no nutritional value and little fiber.

5. Eat 3-4 handfuls of dark green veggies daily.  Why? You guessed it, because you need fiber and you need vitamins also known to the medical community as micronutrients.  Ever heard of vitamins?  They don’t only come in the form of pills you know, they are found abundantly in nature.  Your parents weren’t just being mean when they told you to eat your veggies.

Well, thats it, 5 tips that if you follow will make significant changes not only in your physique but your health.  And for good measure I am throwing in a list of 25 foods you should add to your next grocery list.  Stay tuned for next week where we tackle everything exercise related!  And make sure to use the HashTag #GFitSFIT on instagram so I can see all your posts!!!

25 Item Grocery List

-Avocados   -Kale  -Broccoli  -Bell Peppers  -Onions   -Bananas  -Apples   -Berries   -Tilapia   -Salmon   -Chicken breast  -Eggs  -Oranges  -Lean Grass Feed Beef   -Lemons  -Almonds  -Walnuts  -Sweet Potato  -Romain Lettuce  -Clementines  -Mrs. Dash Seasoning  -Olive Oil  -Spinach  -All Natural Peanut Butter  -Tomatoes


2 thoughts on “Get Fit-Stay Fit Challenge Week 1

  1. jthathorn says:

    Hi Clarissa. Thanks for these tips and I appreciate your Get Fit, Stay Fit Challenge. We all need something like this. I like what you wrote in this post especially regarding how diet is so much more important than exercise. We definitely need to be doing both but I think a lot of times we think we can go out and eat whatever we want and then “clean it up” or fix our “sins” by running 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I am guilty of this personally. I have enough discipline to workout at the gym but I sometimes struggle when it comes to eating right on a CONSISTENT basis (consistency is the operative word here). I think, as you alluded to in your post, if we view food as fuel and not necessarily for pleasure all the time, then it is easier to eat the things we are supposed to eat.

    I’m not sure what your views are regarding Fitness but I have been gradually changing how I approach working out over the past few weeks. As you may know, there has been more and more research showing the benefits of interval training where you do high intensity exercise mixed with less intense exercise. This can be done with cardio or resistance training. I have seen serious benefits using a speed jump rope that I purchased on I do 5 minutes (I know it doesn’t sound like much but when you do it, you get a workout!) of intense speed jumping alternated with slow jumping and then speed jumping again. I do these intervals for about 30 mins. I have lost inches around the waist doing this. The rope was cheap. I bought it here: I am hoping to keep this up and make it a part of my regular workout. I want to keep going at this pace until I can drop about another 10 lbs or so.

    Thanks again for this post. It reminds of how I really need to make sure my diet is where it needs to be and that working out does not fix everything.

    • You are very welcome! I love HIIT training its actually how I prefer to train and the method I found has given me the best results. You should try that same method with weights. Perform 1 minute of an exercise with weights and then do an active rest wear you jump rope in-between. Go back to the exercise and then do an active rest w burps, etc. I am sure it will help you drop those last 10lbs. Just remember to keep proper form so you don’t get injured!

      Thank you for your comment!

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