Get Fit-Stay Fit Challenge WK2 + FAQ

Yay!!! Its week two of the Get Fit-Stay Fit Challenge and I am loving the engagement I am getting on Instagram.  So many of you are already using the hashtag #GFITSFIT and sharing with me your goals, daily workouts and meals.

I try to reply and like every picture, so make sure you start using the Hashtag on Instagram.  I wanted to post today so that you all knew what to expect for the second week of the challenge.  The second week is all about workouts.  I have come up with three different workouts that you can start incorporating with your better nutrition habits to start seeing maximum results during this challenge.  The schedule is laid out for you below.  All the workouts are circuit style and you can play around with how you complete them as I explain in the video.  It will add variety and prevent you from hitting a plateau in the weeks to come.

Tuesday-Upper Body Circuit

Thursday- Lower Body Circuit

Saturday- Cardio + Ab Circuit

These workouts will be short but intense so get ready to sweat and make sure you share those sweaty pics with me on Instagram.  Again, just use the hashtag #GFitSFit!!!!


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