Get Fit-Stay Fit Challenge: Tricep Dip Challenge


How did you like those burpees yesterday?  Those bad boys are no joke but man do they tighten up your body like nothing else.

Today your exercise challenge is going to focus solely on your upper body.  If you avoid waving hello or goodbye because of arm flab, then you probably should add some tripe exercises to your workout regimen.  I am going to get you started today with a simple move called the TRICEP DIP.  Its of course another body weight focused exercise. All you will need is a chair, bench, stool, table, you can even perform this on the edge of your bed.

Just like in all the other posts take a look below for a step by step visual on how to perform a TRICEP DIP as well as some tips and tricks.  Oh, and today I am challenging you to 30.


Tips on how to perform a tricep dip:

-The key is to BEND at the elbow.

-Come down and up in a STRAIGHT line.  Moving forward and back focuses on your shoulder and can actually cause injury.

-If you are a beginner, try this exercise with your knees bent instead of straight, as I have in the picture.

How many of you are going to challenge yourselves by adding a weight on your legs?


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