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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Fitness Program

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Last week I received an email from a lovely subscriber asking me what fitness program I thought was best.  I get this question a lot so I thought it would be a great idea to answer her question on video.

Finding the right fitness or nutrition program comes down to a variety of factors. Ultimately if something is going to work for you it has to solve all the problems you are having in reaching your goal.

In the following video I have shared 5 questions that you can ask yourself to find a fitness and nutrition program that is right for you.

Knowledge without action means jack so I want to hear from you. In the comment section below tell me. Why have you decided to invest in your health and nutrition?

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The Not So Secret Tip To More Money


Before I decided to go back to nursing school full time, I had a pretty good entry-level job right out of college where I was making around 40k/year.  That might not seem like a lot but to a 23 year old, thats like making a million dollars a year.

I did have some expenses that I had to take care of such as rent, insurance, utilities, food, gas, loan repayments and a cell phone bill but even after all of that, I still had around $800 at the end of every month that was up for grabs.

I know you are thinking $800, so you must have close to $19,000 saved up after those two years.  Well, the truth is,  I don’t.  Even while making 40k/yr with no kids and little expenses, I was still broke and living pay check to pay check.

In today’s video, I will be talking about the not so secret tip to having more money and the 2 things you can do today to start making it happen.

In the comment section below, tell me.  Are you guilty of spending more money than you make?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch my videos and leave me comments. I read every one.

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Its no surprise to all of you that I absolutely love at home workout programs and DVDs.  Being that I am also a Beachbody Coach, I get to try a lot of the new workout programs that come out.  The most recent one that I had the pleasure of completing was Shaun T’s Focus T25.

Focus T25 is a 10 week long workout program that you perform 5 days per week.  The individual workouts are only 25 minutes long and are designed around the combination of high intensity interval training and weight training.  That lethal combination is what drew me to the program.    You can check out my full review of the program below.

As you can see by my before and after pictures above, this program will bring you some killer results.  However, I am not stopping there.  I want ABS baby and I won’t stop until I get them.

For the next 21 Days I will be committing to the 21 Day Fix program by Beachbody.  You can check out my previous post on the 21 Day Fix HERE.

How many of you own any at home workout DVDs?  When do you use them?  Leave me a comment below!