About Me

Clarissa is a 24 year old health and fitness enthusiast. Her interest in nutrition and exercise started when she gained 20 lbs her junior year of college. She wanted to learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle 365 days a year around a college students budget and busy schedule.

Clarissa graduated from Providence College with a degree in Health Policy and Managament and is currently pursing a degree in Nursing. She hopes to soon obtain her certification in nutrition.

Clarissa started this blog to share her daily experimentation with food and exercise as well as the knowledge she has aquired about diet and exercise via personal research and experience. The goal of her blog is to teach girls and women how to balance their health and everyday reposibilities with out over spending and depriving themselves.

Clarissa focuses on preparing heathier version of her favorite foods by using “clean eating” practices. She believes you do not need a lot of time nor money to live healthy and stay in shape.

In addition to managing this blog, Clarissa also creates health and fitness videos for her youtube channel Clarissa198.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. shamira West says:

    love this blog! i been a subscriber for about a month now and just realized you had this blog! love the eat clean and fitness tips! you are beautiful

  2. emily B says:

    You remind me exactly of myself! I am so happy to find someone like me! I am subscribed to you on youtube and i’m on TIU and have been for about two years too!!! I’m in the community: Emily B 🙂 find me! I have been wanting to start something like this for a while but haven’t found the guts. You inspire me! 🙂

    • Hi Emily! So glad you enjoy my videos and blog. I am so happy you can relate to me and that you find me inspiring. That means so much, it keeps me going on my journey.

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